ACOMS 2016 Conference Friday Highlight

The 12th Asian Congress on Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery gathers experts in the fields of oral and maxillofacial surgery and allowing educators and clinicians, mentors and trainees to connect. This event includes activities that suit the needs of everyone, from searching for knowledge to building professional friendships. ACOMS’s Scientific Program provides research information and updates on pharmacology, stem cells, research and the science of implantology.

On the last day of ACOMS conference, one of the presentation caught the attention of many professionals; the research about “amniotic fluid-derived stem cell” that was presented by Jiawen Si. In the article “Amniotic fluid derived stem cell: candidate of stem cells for restoration of alveolar defect”, Jiawen discussed the stem cell isolated from the amniotic fluid have been shown as a promising candidate for cell therapy and tissue engineering, but still limited in the field of maxillofacial bone tissue engineering (Wang, Minjiao; Li, Hongliang; Si Jiawen; Dai, Jiewen; Shi, Jun; Wang, Xudong; Guo, Lihe; Shen, Guofang;, 2017).

The stem cell isolated from the amniotic fluids contains an abundant amount of mesenchymal stem cells (Fauza, 2004) and is primarily used for sports and joint injuries as it can differentiate into structural cells of the body such as bone, cartilage, muscle and fat (Understanding Stem Cells, 2016).

The stem cell technology has generated an enormous amount of excitement. As the technology matures, researchers began to see many promising results and the potential of stem cell application in many areas.



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